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Devon; the quads beginners’ route

Every year, the staff here at True Grip┬áattend a week of mandatory refresher training. That all sounds quite intimidating but in reality we all have a great time away ‘bonding’ (interpret that as you wish!). I could probably do a series on these training events alone, having battled and survived…


Overlanding – the end of the road is just the start

What does the word ‘overlanding’ mean nowadays? It has become almost ubiquitous whenever I mention ‘4×4’ or ‘off roading.’ For me, overlanding should be differentiated from off roading, muddin’ or wheelin,’ not because it necessarily involves a different set of skills, rather it is a different approach and state of…


Confessions of an off road instructor

This has been a long time coming. For years we have compiled stories and ideas to share with the world and finally we have an outlet. I welcome you to the True Grip blog; more commonly known as our confessions! Once a month you will have the opportunity to read…