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Own Vehicle

You can use your own 4×4 on any of our courses or you can have a private 1:1 lesson. One of our instructors will join you┬áand guide you around the course. All sessions in your own vehicle are bespoke for your particular requirements. We have a diverse pool of highly experienced instructors who will show you how to get the most from your vehicle.

Our off road site is ideal for fun and safe off road driving in your own 4×4. The first section provides non-damaging, technical and severe aspects of off road obstacles but in a safe and user-friendly environment. The top part of the site is more challenging but still manageable if driven correctly under the expert guidance of one of our instructors.

We can offer tuition for any manufacturer and model of 4×4, providing it is suitable to take on the site!

Sessions start from £44 for a one hour lesson, £85 for two hours, £125 for a half day or £250 for a full day.

For information please contact us on 01233 662251 or


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Land Cruiser
range rover


“Thanks for a great afternoon Richard. Really knowledgeable and friendly. Taught me a number of really useful things about my 4×4!”



“Had a fantastic day today, thanks to Stan the most amazing and┬áknowledgeable instructor who showed us all about our own Range Rover. We had no idea what it could do and now we know what buttons and levers to press! After the session I feel so much more confident taking our Range Rover off the beaten track.”



“Had a fantastic time with these guys on a day last year in their┬á4×4 and then in my own Discovery. They really showed me the power & versatility of any┬á4×4 vehicle. Just when you think you’ve done it all they sprang something else around the varied & challenging course which had me questioning the vehicles capability, the instructors advice, the laws of physics & finally my own common sense!”