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Greenlane Awareness

Greenlaning is a common leisure pursuit that is generally suitable for any 4 wheel drive vehicle even without modification or additional equipment. This course is specifically designed for those wishing to take up off roading as a hobby and venture onto these vehicular rights of way in the UK or beyond.

What is a ‘greenlane?’ It is a general term for routes that are predominantly along un-surfaced tracks or older roadways that have fallen into disuse. They are a network of ancient public roads and vehicular rights of way. Greenlaning is safe, exciting and fun – it’s a mini adventure, giving you the chance to discover unreachable bits of the country and areas of natural interest┬áyou otherwise would not be able to see. It┬áalso gives the┬áopportunity┬áto use and enjoy┬áyour 4×4 for its intended purpose.

What are the issues? Public rights of way are valued locally as sites of quiet recreation and some are situated within areas of outstanding natural beauty. Even though vehicles can have lawful access, there is concern of antisocial behaviour, disturbance and damage.  There is evidence of vehicles venturing onto land other than the byway without permission, damage to gates/fences and degradation of the track surface which can make it difficult for other non-vehicular users. Local councils have introduced schemes of traffic regulation to promote responsible use on these sensitive sites. We aim to encourage correct usage of these tracks.

The legal status of these tracks can be in doubt and it can be difficult to distinguish between a public right of way from other types of lanes, like private farm tracks. This course aims to educate motorists on how to use byways effectively and sustainably for off road driving, whilst abiding to the legalities of using such lanes and the code of conduct.

This half day course will include a short classroom session, time on our off road site and on a greenlane (if appropriate). Typically it will include:

  • Responsible off road driving and what you need to successfully use byways
  • Basic map reading and identifying rights of way
  • Brief history on the highway network in the UK
  • Familiarisation of the laws, acts and rules┬áthat apply to users
  • The country code and correct etiquette when out on the lanes

Price: £149 (you can use one of our 4x4s for a small £30 hire fee)

For more information, please contact us on 01233 662251 or

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